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DNA Lounge Robartenders September 18, 2014

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They had a little contest Sunday night at DNA Lounge, as laid out in this little notice:IMG_20140915_091046


My oldest step-daughter had listed us for tickets, so we went to the door expecting her to be the bouncer.  She was not.  In her place was our youngest step-daughter who, unbeknownst to us had wheedled her way into DNA Lounge’s good graces, no doubt on the oldest’s recommendation.  My wife did not recognize her, even as she was stamping her hand.

Not the strangest thing we saw that evening, by half.  The most complete full-assed was a cam-driven mai tai mixin’ machine:

In the half-assed category was this conveyor belt-driven mixing machine1. They had some trouble getting it to be reliable before I got my margarita, spilling onto the belt when the stepper motor miscounted(!).  The belt-and-suspenders approach would have a drain gutter, instead of the arrogant “we don’t need not stinkin’ steenkeeng gutters” approach.IMG_20140914_194329

This contraption was also quite good, except the ingredients were dispensed from a single spout, leading to cross-contamination of the ultimate product.IMG_20140914_194536

This rocketship did not dispense any fuel while I was watching.  It did have dry ice for steam, though.IMG_20140914_194601

By the time I got to this LEGO robot, it was all blurry. IMG_20140914_195505114

Not really sure why.


1 They actually were working on it the night before, which may explain it.


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