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Professional Videography June 15, 2012

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There is, perhaps, a reason I am not in greater demand for my video skills.

The Science of Book Trailers June 11, 2012

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It may come as a shock to people who read only the web (like me, mostly), but serious efforts are still being made to get people to read paper books. I’m sure you have heard of this but rather than tittering at the old man and his silly antiquated notions please take a moment to realize that this medium is not exactly dying; it is transforming.

Book trailers are one of the more interesting canaries in this coalmine. The Night of the Living Trekkies book the Rebel Bookseller

and Seven Databases in Seven Weeks all have book trailers. I rather like to think they come with any book purchased on a tablet and play while you settle into your easy chair with popcorn and a Coke. And Jujubees.

When I Say No, I Feel Guilty June 9, 2012

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Consensus Football June 8, 2012

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“The University of Pennsylvania football team has various amusing cheers ("Fight, fight, inner light!") that play on Quaker themes. I think it would be more interesting to try a homecoming game where they lock 30,000 fans, home and guest, inside Franklin Field, sit the teams down at the fifty yard line with no ball, and let Penn win when they reach consensus among all present that they have beaten Brown fair and square.”—JWB

“I don’t know… the Brown contingent would likely insist on different, equally valid outcomes for people of different dialectical perspectives, deconstructing the phallocratic experience of the hegemonic war/fare proxy called “football” each according to hir ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, violence survivor, and/or Third World life/story narrative.”

–from the List Which Cannot Be Named

Solar Eclipse Through Tree Leaves June 7, 2012

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Eclipse through the trees

Copyright Thomas Budge.  All rights reserved.

A Really Big Shoe June 6, 2012

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David Attenborough takes time out from his fixation on Charlize Theron to narrate a film clip in his own elevated style.

Why Divers Are Better Than Hunters June 5, 2012

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The Girl With The ANSI Tattoo June 5, 2012

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“I enjoyed the David Fincher remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo more than I thought I would. Rather than a shallow and cynical Hollywood cash-in, it’s actually a tense, atmospheric, only slightly voyeuristic crime thriller. My favourite part, though, was when Lisbeth Salander begins to solve a 40 year old murder cold case using SQL.”—oracle-WTF.blogspot.com

This fellow put together screenshots of Lisbeth Salander’s hack of the police database from the movie, to find that truly crappy “version” of MySQL was used to make this scene.


“Shocked moviegoers will have been left wondering why a genius-level hacker would outer-join to the Victims and Keywords tables only to use literal-text filter predicates that defeat the outer joins, whether MySQL has a LIKE operator, and why none of the victims’ initials are ‘R L’. “

In the comments that followed the shock was palpable, as was the stern condemnation:

“I was shocked to see such appallingly explicit portrayal of an entity-attribute-value model. Not to mention the sick insinuation of the presence of an in-lined BLOB.  Young impressionable minds witness this kind of thing and studies have shown they go out into the world and commit copy-cat acts.  Just this week I came across an EAV model that mirrored this scene in a chilling manner.  The BBFC must come down on this sort of thing and not merely assume they have discharged their social responsibility by slapping an 18 certificate on it. “

Author replies: “I did consider starting with a parental advisory that this blog post contained strong though ANSI-compliant language, but in the end I felt it detracted from the artistic integrity of the piece. “


Note to normal people: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is really messed up.  Don’t watch it.