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The Jumper Books, by Stephen Gould March 8, 2013

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Books, Brilliant words.

A brief change of pace, reading actual science fiction after a long dry spell, I just finished Reflex and Griffin’s Story, both set in the Jumper universe.  Fast-paced enough and with plenty of action, both of them will possibly get a reread at some point in the future, something that I have usually reserved for well-loved stories from my childhood (my, those stone tablets are heavy).

Reflex takes up where Jumper left off, with Hayden Cristianson (whatever that guy’s name is, I forget…probably trauma related) and his wife teleporting around the globe and him doing saintly work to make up for his bad days.  He now works for NSA and that makes it tricky when they appear to have kidnapped him.  Fortunately, his wife seems to have developed an interesting talent for escaping from bad guys and hunting them down.  Davy learns more about his abilities, as well.

The bad guys have it pretty good here compared to Griffin’s Story, wherein a nice young boy’s parents are murdered in front of him while he escapes…barely, and spends his childhood in hiding from their killers.  They aren’t interested in kidnapping.

Too bad for them.


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