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NASA wants your input January 8, 2009

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NASA is taking a survey to help determine goals and policy for the incoming future.  Go there and express yourself. My personal comments are shown below.


The goal should be to improve the world through research into space and aeronautic technologies, and development of those technologies to meet useful real-world goals.  This means looking for

  1. cost-effective, safe launch technologies
  2. living-in-space technologies (given any thought to the very old concept of a rotating space station?)
  3. further advances in robotic probes
  4. further advances in data-enhancement technologies (imaging, noise reduction, etc.)
  5. research into deep-space communications technologies

Note that few of these involve specific projects.  The projects themselves will be haggled over by politicians endlessly, no doubt.  The only critical pieces of tech that must be built and maintained are weather satellites, GPS satellites, spy satellites and research satellites in earth studies.  And does anyone believe that Hubble wasn’t a great investment?  The Webb telescope should definitely be built and deployed, with an eye to longevity.


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