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Morning and Evening Here in the Frozen North November 15, 2016

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 morning pano

evening pano

Scary, isn’t it? Forecast calls for rain, but I imagine I will see snow on that little mountain tomorrow. Maybe.

A Walk Around the Neighborhood November 15, 2016

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What I said about living in a forest meadow?  It’s pretty much the truth. Yesterday I went for an evening constitutional and found some traces of fungus among us:





Men’s size eleven clodhoppers for reference:IMG_20161112_114716




I’m not sure any of them are edible; after all, the bear doesn’t seem to have eaten any of them.


As far as I can tell with, uh, casual observation, those are Manzanita berries.

A Shortage of Imagination November 8, 2016

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hello kitty armour

There are lots of creative notions and flights of fancy I come up with in the shower, after a couple of scotches or in the drowsy state which precedes real sleep.

This is not one of them.

I Haven’t Posted Any Mutants For a While November 7, 2016

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Admit it. You have missed these little oddities, haven’t you?  ‘Course you have. two heads are better than one

Most especially the frightening Two-Headed Shark From Bikini Beach (soon to be a major motion picture).


Sadly, it’s just a costume.


This is what a hedgehog looks like without the spikes.  Sort of sad, hmm?

future me, at 79 years

This guy (future me)is 79 years old. He should be in a category all his own.

Dinnertime When The Stars Are Right September 28, 2016

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Where I Live September 12, 2016

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is basically a forest meadow.  Even though I rent a house with a front and back lawn, a vegetable garden and a white fence, I still find bear scat in my back yard.  A fox lives under the tree in my neighbor’s yard.  Deer are so common that we hardly notice them.  My neighbor had a bear break into his pigsty and eat all the piggies’ food (but not the pigs: apparently a vegetarian bear).

Then there are the birds.  I have already described the flocks of black phoebes that colonized our front porch and took flying lessons behind the house (very cute; they practiced touch-and-go flying while the mother bird watched carefully from the mulberry). 


They fully displaced the starlings, for whom I have frankly never cared. And, every morning a pair of sandhill cranes flies in, eats bugs from the meadow behind the house and then takes off in the late evening, making the most interesting cries on landing and takeoff. You can barely see them in this photo:


Trust me; they are there.  Really they are.  We have also seen a solitary male sandhill crane, but he looks very sad. He may be a widower. Here is a slightly better shot:IMG_20160825_200358

Possibly my favorite bird is this little fellow, who often comes and asks for pumpkin seeds we keep in a jar for him:



He has perched on my knee while I was seated on the back porch sofa but I didn’t realize he would hold still for a photo, so I missed my opportunity for a very cute photo.

Pointillism is Not Dead September 12, 2016

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Taken in Bidwell Park.

Gluten-free Pie Adventures I September 4, 2016

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Pillsbury’s Gluten Free Dough (it’s pie dough, not pizza dough—do not be deceived!) can be rolled out nicely in a large Ziploc baggie and plopped over a pie tin quickly.  Be sure to bake the crust first if using freshly-picked blackberries as your filling…or else liquidy bottom crust will result in your otherwise perfect and tempting gluten-free blackberry pie:


I ate a quarter of it before I could stop myself for a picture.  I imagine someone who has baked a pie at least once in their life could make a better-looking crust.  I make no apologies for my initial sortie into pie baking.

This shows how far we have come in only ten years; we couldn’t find ANYTHING like a gluten-free pie crust mix then. Now even mainstream food factories sell gluten-free items, albeit at grotesquely inflated prices.

Lucky S Mine September 4, 2016

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The Lucky S mine is actually quite close to my house as the crow flies…but we aren’t crows.  My wife’s Vanagon does not fly; it crawls, bumps, jounces and bounces over logging roads, Forest Service roads and four-wheeler roads (if you can call them that with a straight face) so that the ten miles to Lucky S mine is an hour’s ride (“ride” is rather more civilized a description than I had in mind, but this is a happy blog, dammit). We used the Beardsley grade road


to get there which, if you stay on it long enough, will intersect the correct Forest Service road with a sign and everything to get you there.  I strongly recommend this route; the other way really does require skinny 4WD conveyances.

Do not trust this sign, however:


We first came across the mine itself, which is a little ways from the town proper:



There is a bog between the town and the mine proper. Do not attempt to follow the south road, as there is a large mudhole in the road even in summer.  I mean, my wife can drive through it in her Vanagon, but I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it.

Bog pano

In the town, there is a store and hotel, although it’s challenging to tell one from the other.



No pioneer ghost town would be complete without a relaxation center.  This one is particularly relaxed:

Mount Huff Golf Course Sunset September 4, 2016

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Golf Course pano

Plumas County apparently has several golf courses, but this one is three long miles from my house. It’s six holes and pretty well maintained for all that Plumas County is pretty far from the mainstream of California golfing and gets several feet of snow every year.

This panorama was stitched together from photos taken after the enchilada feast.  I should color-correct it (and probably will soon) to compensate for my phone’s poor reproduction.

Rossia pacifica (the Stubby Squid) August 15, 2016

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lives 900 feet down.  Not an octopus, however.

Looking Out My Back Door July 17, 2016

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Just One of Those Days June 7, 2016

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Cute Attack!! June 16, 2015

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Wild flapjack octopus (Opisthoteuthis sp.), a deep sea octopus, spotted on a dive made by the ROV Doc Ricketts. This species is on display in the special exhibit "Tentacles" at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

ROV Doc Ricketts, ©2013 MBARI / Monterey Bay Aquarium

"As someone that’s describing the species you get to pick what the specific name is," researcher Stephanie Bush told Science Friday. "One of the thoughts I had was making it Opisthoteuthis adorabilis — because they’re really cute."

Maker Fair’s Idea of a Photobooth May 17, 2015

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A Temple of Greed In Las Vegas December 25, 2014

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Just kidding; it’s the Morman temple in Oakland, California.  The resemblance between it and any other temple of mammon must surely be coincidence.


Pretty Sure I Really Saw This December 25, 2014

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but I did just get out of therapy.

Your call.

Vacation December 17, 2014

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Need one.

Wrist Rocket October 1, 2014

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That’s right, friends, a quadcopter camera that you wear on your wrist.  THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR NEWTONMASS, PEOPLE!  The prototype (not the rendering above) looks like it would actually work pretty well:

The promo video from their website hints at uses, which I have been advocating for years, like a follow me camera for safety and bragging:

Nixie is powered by Intel’s Edison kit, which is both small enough and affordable enough to fit inside such a small device. And devices like this will only get smaller.

As far as I can tell, Star Trek did not think of this in the 1960s.  Of course the Next Generation did, but we already had cell phones by then so no points for out-of-the-box thinking for them.

Arboreal Correspondent August 11, 2014

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Greetings from the Great North Woods (Lassen National Forest), wherein I enjoy respite from the soul-sucking drudgery that is software testing. I have hardly touched technology for days, and seem the better for it.  And, surrounded  as I am by the sounds of nature, I love life more than in many recent months.  We’re staying here:


Miles from people, it’s a deserted campground probably used last in the sixties.  As such, the most frequent visitors are deer, who nightly come out and lick whatever is left lying around, like the tablecloth(?), the dishes from each night’s feast (on the plus side, the trays and dishes are clean as a whistle down as far as a deer’s tongue can reach) and the shower bag (?).  They aren’t much frightened by us, but mostly because we try not to startle them. They are not afraid of green lasers.

Another nice thing about the campsite is the lack of visitors means flora are largely undisturbed.  A mushroom growing from a tree stump can reach its full size (except where licked by deer):


That’s a Men’s size 11 mushroom, friends.  Has a smaller companion, too:


I really should start carrying a ruler for comparisons like this.

The sunsets have been spectacular too, since the fire got so big:


Our camp is by a stream emanating from a spring couple of hundred yards up the hill.  Here is our view at night:


I’m sure the lights are just fae visiting.