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Korean Hello Kitty Cafe November 10, 2011

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In Seoul.




Oh, gods.


Hello Kitty Bus October 24, 2011

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Hello Kitty bus - Copy

I have nothing to add to this, obviously.  Some things are good just as they are.

From an article about busses in Japan.

A Logical Extension February 6, 2011

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hello kitty doc martens Sorry, but I forget where I found this.  It does look Photoshopped, which is a pretty high compliment, really.

“Asagohan” Means “Breakfast” September 27, 2010

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A family discusses breakfast options in the ebullient style for which Japan is justly famed–right up until lunchtime.

I Should Have Found This Sooner July 29, 2010

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My apologies.  To make up for it, I will share the results of my latest researches in Google Image.  With the SafeSearch turned off!


This might be another case where my mother shouldn’t read further.

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Hello Kitty Heads on a Plate June 29, 2010

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It’s pizza.  Honest.

Hello Kitty Modifications June 16, 2010

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Not all Hello Kitty-themed items are Sanrio approved.  Especially the Halloween-themed ones.  I suspect serial killer modifications would be frowned on by Sanrio (if they knew).  Especially as the creator hasn’t registered with them.

MotherTongue May 24, 2010

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I’m weirdly proud of this application because it was my idea, although my friend Mark


programmed it (does this make it pirate software?).  It just takes random hiragana or katakana characters and reads them aloud while highlighting them, equivalent to a mother reading to her child.  I like to think that this would help someone learn Japanese kana a little faster than flashcards.

Next I would like to port it to WinCE 5, so I could put it on my phone.  Hey, it could happen.

This is an application that works well for two reasons: one, Japanese is a monotonal language, so the syllables mostly sound the same no matter what order they are spoken in (not entirely true, but largely) and two, it’s a syllabic language in the first place (each symbol represents an entire syllable.  It’s hard to misspell in Japanese).

This program (MotherTongue.exe) can be used with other languages for this reason.  Just put .png files of the syllables of your new language with .mp3 files with the corresponding names in the same directory as MotherTongue.exe and start it up.  Purists might wish to use a silent syllable between words, but I haven’t bothered. It will also work with other sound and picture files, but I haven’t tested it with them, since my needs are already met.  I have toyed with the idea of using it to read Japanese aloud, but parsing random English-transliterated Japanese is liable to be too tricky to ask my boss to code up over beer.  I would have to move up to better bribes.

Leave comments about this if you would like. I would appreciate it.


EXCITING UPDATE:  I have written a version this for Android.  It’s ridiculous to put it on GooglePlay since I’m writing something much grander for language-learning activities generally but I’ll send it to you if you leave me contact info in the comments.

Hello Kitty in the Real World April 27, 2010

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  As a great fan of the silliness that is the branding of all things by Sanrio, I often find little nuggets of joy on the Web, mostly ordinary household items anyone might own:





(Disclaimer:  I do not know what the spokesmodel is saying.  I hope it isn’t obscene or inflammatory in any way.  This is a happy blog, damn it).

There are a few items which not everyone has, but are nonetheless common enough:



There are other, more elaborate HK items which are equally interesting,




but should not be confused with Photoshopped imitations


(revealed under close examination)


to be fraudulent.  This can anger HK fans, leading to murder,




and endless warfare


(not to mention masturbation).


I even saw this mundane item on a visit to my local Sanrio store:

Hello kitty tire tread

Why the Bills are Sometimes Late April 3, 2010

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More Hello Kitty February 9, 2010

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Hello kitty tire tread

I took this picture in my local Sanrio store.  There was a HK motorcycle also, but for some reason this tire spoke to me.  Get it?  Spoke?

I know, you think I’m just a cut-up.hello-kitty-chainsaw

Fine, if you want to be like that.


You could use this:

No, it’s a real gun:

Hello Kitty AR-15 Assault Rifle



Not a Photoshop job, like this:


But you probably prefer the happy ending.

hello kitty 1.jpg

Apparently someone ACTUALLY LIVES HERE.  In solitude, I imagine:

hello kitty 2.jpg

hello kitty 4.jpg

It could be this guy:


He probably want to meet this nice girl:


You can tell by her look she just wants to meet a nice guy and settle down and have some beautiful children in a happy home.

Hello Kitty Bath by Samurai Shiatsu.

All this HK stuff makes me sick.


Never fear; I have more.  Oh, so much more. 😦

Hello Kitty Pancakes February 8, 2010

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I don’t actually own any Hello Kitty products, but I love looking at them.  They generally make me want to slap myself silly for even thinking that what I am looking at is real.

The above photo is from a Harajuku store selling filled Hello Kitty-shaped pancakes.

I should have written a dozen posts about this sort of thing, but I have been busy.  Fear not!  I will add a Hello Kitty tag so you can read only HK posts by clicking on the link on the sidebar to the right.