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Dimensional Analysis of a Dometic Toilet April 22, 2018

Posted by stuffilikenet in RV and camping.

is the least satisfactory way of finding out which model is being examined.  The paperwork for Dometic toilets only goes back so far.  Dometic dimensional analysis What happens if your Lazy Daze is twelve years old? You can’t find the proper part numbers online, that’s what.  I speak as a tireless expert geek; you can’t get it off the net. And so, you make do with toilet seals that do not match perfectly, and slide around until they are no longer seals, but volcanoes of an odiferous bent…I mean vent.

Well, since I am a tireless geek (and since I live near the stinking thing), I kept looking.  Finally ran into Philip at Morro Dunes RV Park, who carefully asked me about the configuration of my toilet.  Stumped, he asked me to text him pictures of the thing disassembled, which I did…and then he found the right seals.  IMG_20180325_191531924_HDRIt It helps that Phil has been fixing RVs for the better part of fifteen years.

But wait!  there’s more. Removing the toilet from the base to change the seal started a leak at the back of the thing, which was difficult to trace, but eventually fixed with Teflon tape (zip ties, Teflon tape, Velcro, Sugru and duct tape are my favorite things), blood, sweat and swearing.



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