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This Old House August 3, 2016

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We renovated our house for rental (and we are FINALLY finished, thank you very much) a wrenching business that took more than a year.The trauma associated with this (I lost my father, my wife lost her father, the children moved out, I lost my job (threw it away; can’t say that was smart), and an unholy assortment of lesser terrors. like crippling sciatica, pneumonia and gluten poisoning) could render less hearty men to catatonia, instead of meditation which is where I went.

We built a bathroom in the basement, driving nails into the concrete with a .22 caliber shell:





Well, that’s all the photos of the bathroom in the basement, except this one (featuring the amazing walk-in bathtub):


Next we installed a beautiful laminate floor in half the house:


This necessitated the removal, refinishing and replacement of the kitchen cabinets:



Kitchen sink and cabinets

We did the counters while we were at it. The total effect throughout the house was, I like to think, very creditable:


All the furniture seen here was bought at the Oakland Museum’s white elephant sale for dirt cheap, despite being nice antiques or nearly so.  We wanted to rent the house as furnished, but the renters declined that honor, opting to BUILD their own furniture.  And  they seem to be doing it but first they put up this sign:


Hilarious.  I didn’t look in the bathroom for other restaurantalia, but they probably have that as well.


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