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Souvenir May 13, 2015

Posted by stuffilikenet in Music, Toys, Uncategorizable.

My stepdaughter has been out and on her own for a year or more and very successful, too.  She took most of her stuff with her when she went, but I found this in the attic yesterday, and it brought back a bunch of memories of her teen years, when she found my electric guitar (a gift from a friend; thank you, Shabnam) and started noodling with it.  Eventually she became good enough to write songs and I was just as proud as any father could be…but somewhere along the way I bought her this:

guitar amp

Cute, isn’t it?  Battery-powered and takes standard jacks and is loud enough for practice but not too loud for Dad. Also dirt cheap and comes in lots of retro styles.

Perfect for Father’s Day–except that my kid has the guitar. 😦


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