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Stolen From the Brain Scoop January 19, 2015

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Brilliant words, Geek Stuff, Science.

I make no apology for plagiarizing this snapshot from The Brain Scoop:




wombat riding turtle

the animal kingdom is a strange and beautiful place

Pretty sure that’s a rock hyrax or some other mammal instead of a wombat.

People that study animals with backbones, help me out?

Definitely a tortoise with probably a rock hyrax, which are often thought to be rodents but are actually in the superorder Afrotheria which includes things like dugongs, tenrecs, aardvarks, and the order Proboscidea, so really what you’ve got here is a puppy-sized elephant.


“Puppy-sized elephant” is not the name of a punk band, but should be.


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