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Gluten-free Bread Machine Adventures 1 November 29, 2014

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2014-11-29 14.15.51

2:23 PM 11/29/2014

I have a Breadman TR-440 bread machine, and gluten-free bread is costly and usually sucks.  This is my first attempt at going around all that.  My local Harvest House has Pamela’s GF bread mix (not to be confused with flour) at 2.89/lb, which is about 25% off list.  I tried this:

Pamela’s Gluten-free bread mix 3 cups
2 eggs
fill with warm water to 2 cups total
1/8th cup canola oil
hint of salt
Fleishmann’s yeast

eggs first in 2 cup measure, add water to 2 cups (warm), dump in Breadman, add yeast, add bread mix cook.  My Breadman has only a few settings; I picked medium crust and didn’t monkey with the rest of ’em.  Looks kind of gooey (above, as it is mixing) but it isn’t the same as wheat flour, is it now?
Here it is, finished:

7:14 PM 11/29/2014 delectable.  I strongly recommend eating hot and with real butter; possibly jam as well.  I would offer you some, but we finished it already.


Exciting Update: it makes excellent toast as well.


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