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The List Which Cannot Be Named May 23, 2014

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I belong to an unintentionally exclusive e-mail list and have for more than twenty years, consisting of scientists, journalists, engineers and philosophers.  If sped up it would resemble a cocktail party of genteel geniuses, all engaged in the most stimulating discourse it has ever been my pleasure to eavesdrop upon.*

Genius #1:

>> Social Darwinism is the view that there is a Darwinian struggle between humans and that humans with a high social class are the biologically fittest.

Genius #2:

>Though "Darwinian" had to be tailored to serve what is, ultimately, a pseudoscientific retread of old dogma.  What was "fittest" in Darwin’s work is that which happened to adapt successfully, regardless of strategy.  The strategies he documented varied widely.  Most of them were cooperative, birds and bees and such.  Some of them were survival at the expense of others, via domination, stealing, and killing.
Social Darwinists ignored strategies other than domination, claiming that this was nature’s way and that science proved it.
It’s just the Divine Right of Kings in a funny hat.
To this day, the dogma persists in some form or another, since it so useful as a justification for any form of profit at the expense of others.  Creationists have no trouble believing in Social Darwinism, because as a fellow pseudoscience, it won’t sully their fragile little minds with any of that tricky actual science stuff either.

* Since I am no longer a scientist, philosopher or journalist, I tend to not participate much.


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