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Ice Cave Adventure April 14, 2014

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ice cave adventure

New things I learned in the ice cave:

1. Gloves may actually give you purchase on an icy surface (your frozen, numb fingers will not be much help).

2. Boots without crampons are pretty slippery. You will find it hard to catch yourself when your feet slide out from under you on the downward-sloping ice sheet that is the floor of the cave (see #1, above).

3. All caves have painfully low ceilings.

4. Stalactites can muss your hair somethin’ fierce (see #3, above). Split scalps are available at no extra cost (see photo, above).

5. Shorts, though excellent summertime wear, are inadequately warm in a cave whose walls, ceilings and floors are (at least) many inches thick in ice.  Ditto t-shirts, no matter how otherwise fitting they may be (see logo in photo, above).

6.  The eight-year-old girls in front of me were braver in the face of the unknown.



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