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The Cassini Division, by Ken MacLeod February 6, 2014

Posted by stuffilikenet in Books, Brilliant words.

The Cassini Division is a very cool and possibility-opening look at a universe in which socialism wins the day in a positive way.  People do work that they like because it needs doing and they are there, and why not?  Nobody is doing without much of anything needful and people seem fairly content with it.  There are dissenters, but for the most part they are harmless cranks, for all that they seem to love guns (why is it that in all right-wing people are pictured as loving guns, even when the author is one of them?).

The Cassini Division is a group within the leaderless organization that defends humanity from various threats, such as the “fast folk”, post-humans who occupy Jupiter and are the reason that computers aren’t used for radio communication: the fast folk take over all radio and then the computers.  They learn and grow exponentially fast and are very, very dangerous. 

The Cassini Division has weapons poised all over Jupiter to keep them there.  Naturally, this book is about something that may upset that little balance, and the socialist order, too.

I enjoyed the story-telling pace, the characters weren’t just cut-outs (especially the evil capitalist—you knew there would be at least one, didn’t your?) and the fast folk were frightening.  Also, SPACE OPERA!  never a bad thing.


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