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Australian Giant Monster February 6, 2014

Posted by stuffilikenet in Mutants, Science.

A 1.5-m new species of giant jellyfish that washed up on a beach near Hobart in Tasmania, pictured on February 6, 2014

One may well argue that Australia is a dangerous place what with crocodiles, 17 of the world’s most deadly snakes, poisonous plants too numerous to mention, insects that frighten Chuck Norris and really dreadful beer.  Still, the unholy terrors that lurk in the water are just as unsettling, like this little charmer, a five-foot-across jellyfish.

Oh, gods.  Just look at that thing.  Found on a beach south of the Tasmanian capital Hobart, this behemoth is being scrutinized by the local scientificos like Lisa Gershwin, a scientist with the government’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, who is trying to classify the beast.  She’s a twenty-year veteran jellyfish-watcher: "It is so big it took our breath away".

Be afraid.


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