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Smart Voice Recorder App November 7, 2013

Posted by stuffilikenet in Applications.

I installed Smart Voice Recorder on my Google Galaxy S3 a few months ago and have been pleased with it overall.  I use it to make notes to myself during my long commute and find it satisfactory for that purpose generally; however, the fidelity of the recordings is not sufficient for me to transcribe to Dragon Naturally Speaking therefrom.  This is due to the noise from my car and is not a true problem for me at the moment, so I continue to recommend Smart Voice Recorder for anyone who needs a general recorder.

Smart Voice Recorder has selectable sample rate, the ability to hide itself while recording (stealthy) and the ability to keep the screen on when recording.  There’s a microphone level tester built in as well as an auto-gain function, and a timestamp instead of the recording1, recording2 etc., which I like.  There is a skip silence mode which doesn’t work in my car, so I can’t tell you much about it, but it could be useful in a quiet office setting, I suspect.

All in all, a very nice app, especially for the price.  🙂

PS., reviews like this from me will never find their way to the Google Play site, because they require GooglePlusUngood membership.


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