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Gun Machine, by Warren Ellis October 24, 2013

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Gun Machine, by Warren Ellis, is something I am listening to right now on my morning commute, and I have to say it’s head-slappingly strange.  Not as strange as  Endymion by Dan Simmons, but (two or three hours into it) very entertaining.  The story of a PTSD–ridden police detective who stumbles across a serial killer’s church of murder weapons is made much more interesting by the strange characters of his new partners, the crime-scene geeks.  Seriously, I was about to stop listening to Ellis’ rather too-gritty prose intended (I guess) to show how depressed the protagonist is following the murder of his partner, when he is miraculously assigned the case instead of being forced to take two days off while the shooting of his partner’s murderer is reviewed.1

Also, the serial killer is much more fascinating than your usual sex-crazed serial killer2: he is hallucinating being a Manhattan Native American, complete with visual and auditory images of pre-colonial Manhattan obscuring his vision of the here-and-now.

Interesting stuff.

Amazon carries this audiobook in two versions, and sfpl.org has it as well.


1That’s what makes this science fiction-fantasy in my mind.  The police union would never, ever permit this.

2He would have to be; that is so twentieth-century.


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