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Samsung Flexible OLED Display August 13, 2013

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Teaser headline…much like the little get-together I endured in SOMA this evening, hoping for a glimpse of the fable flexy display…alas, it was not to be.  Samsung bodies were there in force (including  Shankar Chandran, the VP of innovative division or whatever the hell they are calling the bait and switch division) but no prototypes are in evidence since CES, when they displayed and demoed this:

Well, you would think that setting up a meeting with a hundred or so geeks with a technical bent would have set Samsung to bringing a boatload of demos and prototypes to a tech-hungry audience.  You would, right? 

No such luck; they brought pizza, as if that would bring a pack of yapping techhounds to heel.  Not so, my brothers.  A fellow I met explained it to me:

“They set us a little contest: $10, 000 Grand Prize, $5,000 First Prize and $2,500 for designs which would use their flexible OLED display for a great product…which they will probably steal and use themselves.”

Makes perfect sense.   Of course, the people they were trying this trick on were, in all probability, at least as smart as they are.

Good luck with that, fellas.


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