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Point of Honor, by Madeleine E. Robins June 30, 2013

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Point of Honour, by  Madeleine E. Robins is an interesting animal; an historical detective story with swords and romance set in an alternate (English) Regency.  Aack!  Trying to summarize it in a single sentence does not do the book justice; it really is very well done with charmingly unlikely heroines: the Fallen Woman protagonist (Sarah Tolerance), her catamite friend, her aunt the madam and her cheerful but practical hooker pal. These are set against political murderers (three of them, and a small army of henchmen) amid the potential civil war (well, dangerous politics) of succession.  Nasty business, requiring quick thinking, swordplay and science (science, bitches!).
I liked it and read it through in an evening enjoying the mystery portion thoroughly, and thinking as I read how like Hammett and Chandler the plot began to turn;  I began anticipating betrayal at several places and was not disappointed. although one betrayal was not what I expected at all (good job, Madeleine!).
Full disclosure: the author is an acquaintance through Girl Scouts and gave me the copy I read.  Madeleine E. Robins has written several other books in romance, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction and a super-hero novel, so she’s been busier than the other girls.  Her oldest daughter is a minor celebrity (with me): L’enfant Terrible. Her video appears on the DVD of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Although this book is outside of my usual admittedly eclectic sphere of interest I will read a few of her others.  All but two of her books are available as Kindle books, except the Daredevil book and the latest Sarah Tolerance mystery.  The ebook versions are almost all available at sfpl.org and of course, amazon.com.


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