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Coyote Blue, by Christopher Moore May 13, 2013

Posted by stuffilikenet in Books.

Coyote Blue, by Christopher Moore is, though not one of his best-known works, among my favorites.  The story of a Crow who runs from the reservation fearing that he has killed a policeman, Coyote Blue incorporates native American story-telling style (and perhaps substance—I don’t know enough Crow legends to judge) and Moore’s signature wry humor over fantastic characters (in this case, gods and their avatars/servants/victims) involved in petty human and god interactions).  And the characters are memorable, although the heroine is a bit of a Mary Sue, Samson Hunts Alone is pretty darned memorable, from his boyish beginnings through his murder of a policeman to his murder of a bloodthirsty biker.  Sam hides from justice, then gets so good at hiding that only Coyote will play hide-and-seek with him, for reasons only Coyote knows.

I listened to the Audible recording of this, and found the reader quite helpful in making the girl a less whiny Mary Sue and making the wise old uncle more crotchety (as befits wisdom.  Have you noticed how many wise people are thoroughly pissed off?—but I digress).  Coyote Blue is on Amazon (of course) and at sfpl.org, including the audio.



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