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The Lorem Ipsum of Audiobook Reviews April 26, 2013

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Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 translated my recorded voice recording of my book review of Tigana, by Guy Gavriel Kay, like this voiceprint:

“You a decade.  Really really excellent author who is a zoo or a includes a charming afterward in the audio version that I advice I advance advance is most likely faintness, or it is thrilling renditions of all the audio books of every pinball game upon her fellow implement books plus microkernels on is grateful for the spirit of an I digress to guy like I go day is a nifty audio blog and a wonderful by Simon as his reading of them is a reading James Bond books for all this time I’ve been expected to have the kind of depth character in a wired slightly surprising, weighing way exceeded my expectations reprieves female characters with the real sympathy and creditable of a soft voice means masculine characters is very masculine and the in-between guide him in the event of a pre-reading while.  It’s a really is a tricky little book tricky because of like I’d ever OKs wonderful descriptions of people and their reactions and their internal monologues are internal feelings captured and laid out like a map if it’s a map of a charming country and my favorite passage of all is listening to the Sea Captain bemoaning the fact that he has that fat and ugly daughters and a shrewish wife and subsequent charming.  And it’s all but the most charming way and some advanced.  So is to miss is like your work a stitch in the story to guy so sort of sorcery thing, which is an bit of a departure from him not really a sort and sorcery sword reader, but it came very highly recommended.  It turns out to have been an excellent recommendation is the name of one of the snow over the in a peninsula called the Palm, which is a site based on course Renaissance Italy, which is conquered by a pair of sorcerers won from these one from the West, who picks off all these little city states or provinces like being weak and divided people that they are also I don’t use magic so magicians have a quite a large as there would comes the battle believe how they can figure out how is a Mexican nonetheless seen in the book, but I will not determine you would like to say however that nicely with allies a great deal of scurrying around and I’m very much magic that recursively defined in the country and the titular family think I may buy one of the missive at magicians who satisfy in the battle for it and a terrible vengeance on the whitening their very name name of province of them have nobody who is not foreigner in your were end of the book have been burned all the songs have been in her and the story of the Prince of the guy.  You might coming back 20 years later to fund for the guy who killed the country.  He realizes that he has a wife of Paul magicians at the same time on their way.  When we do something over 1 1/2 at only half as wireless as a marvelous device for making sure that the the the the the the, that allows the young rates may the marvelous business to leave and I recommend it if you like Amazon and has been known were in place reaching agreement on.” 

I may need to adjust my cellphone’s audio a bit.


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