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Soulless, by Gail Carriger March 5, 2013

Posted by stuffilikenet in Books.

A cheery mix of P. G. Wodehouse (wrong era, right style) and Bram Stoker (right era, wrong style), Soulless, by Gail Carriger is a pert look at a vaguely steampunk Victorian England where werewolves and vampires have been adopted by the more progressive Vickies and brought into polite mainstream society.  The story revolves around a woman with no soul whose touch renders vampire and werewolf alike merely human. The daughter of an Italian, she is doomed to a life of spinsterhood until she succumbs to the charm of a Scottish werewolf in the course of being attacked by her catty sisters, vampires, mad scientists, steam-and-blood-powered robots and defended only by her wits and a particularly stout parasol.

Naturally, she prevails.

A cheery read when things look bleak, I recommend Soulless for dreary winters, bad colds and feeling punk.  I understand Gail Carriger (currently a local girl in Bolinas) has five of these novels (the “Parasol Protectorate ” series) and a Young Adult novel Etiquette & Espionage which I am young enough to read right now (same world, younger female protagonist).

Both books apparently have audiobooks (dunno about the box set), but I went with the Kindle version.



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