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The Kingdom of Gods, by N.K. Jemisin January 20, 2013

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Books, Brilliant words.

The end of the trilogy begun with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, The Kingdom of Gods is a worthy conclusion of this tale of gods made flesh and how they adapt, change and grow (or die.  Yes, this book is a tragedy as well as a fantasy, just like her previous books).

The whole of this trilogy is the best thing I have read from a new novelist, maybe ever.  I have opined previously that it’s a lie that THTK was her first novel.  She’s ‘way too good for that; she was a best-selling novelist in her previous three lives.

Like my other reviews, I won’t tell you a damned thing about this novel that will eat into any surprise.  I will tell you it’s Sieh, the child-trickster-cat god of the previous books, who is the narrator of this tale, and he does have a unique take on being human, and being divine.

Very worth diving into, and do read the previous novels first if you haven’t.  I can recommend the audiobook of the first one very highly.


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