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Android Development Environment—Part Two December 15, 2012

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In which Our Hero has a revelation about printed matter.

I bought a copy of Sam’s Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours (2nd Edition) a while back because it was up to date (more or less) and I felt it would have the requisite instructions for correctly setting up the Android development environment for me, the rookie.

I stand corrected.  the development cycle for android is pretty swift, and the book was obsolete before I touched it…also makes too many assumptions about the clarity of its instructions—but I digress. 
The correct way to set up your Android development environment (and don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise) is to download the ADT Bundle from android.com (follow the link) and install that. Period.  Seriously: if you try (and I did) to set up each piece individually you will find yourself a broken, bitter wo/man.  It just doesn’t work to do it that way.  The Bundle contains pretty much everything you need.  I installed it to my (present from stepdaughter) Batman-shaped USB thumbdrive, and it seems to be working properly.

Finally.  I had a lost weekend over this, and one weeknight.  Harken to my tale of woe, and let your Bundle flow.


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