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Second Sight is 576 Pixels July 19, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Science, Star Trek Technology.

For people with macular degenerations, there are a pair of neural transplant technologies making themselves visible (heh) lately. The first of these implants, Argus II developed by Second Sight, is already available in Europe.  It’s a chip with sixty tiny electrodes wired to the optic nerve, giving the  user a sixty-pixel image of whatever is in front of the camera sending the signal (mounted to glasses the user wears.  it’s enough to give the user motion detection and to let the read large letters slowly. A second type of chip, the Bio-Retina by Nano Retina, is planted inside the eye itself on the retina and is powered by a near-infrared laser in the glasses the user wears.  The chip does the imaging, but this one produces a 576-pixel image stimulation to the into the optic Bio-Retina, diagram by PopSci
nerve. An embedded image processor converts the data from each of the pixels into electrical pulses that are coded in such a way that the brain can perceive different levels of grayscale. This one is not yet through clinical trials yet.
Once again, this seems a little familiar.


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