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Remote Action at a Distance—ifttt.com July 4, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Brilliant words.

As a notorious cheapskate I have not had a data plan for my so-called smartphone for the entire time I have had it.  I manage to get by on SMS messaging and such (and a 3G Kindle).  Still, one would like to have a bunch of options including SMS warnings of stock price changes or new craigslist offerings…like you can build at ifttt.com. ifttt stands for if this then this, meaning a trigger can produce a new action.  I have mine tied to send an SMS message me when my company’s stock jumps or a new Samsung Galaxy S II is available cheaply on Craigslist.

The functionality of ifttt is not limited to this, however; some other actions are saving articles to Pocket, forwarding a PDF of a new blog entry to your Kindle, forwarding any RSS feed to Kindle, Pocket or DropBox. There are 47 basic blocks of this kind, so a lot can be managed with a little shuffling.

The most exciting feature of this little endeavour is the idea that someone simplified this to the extent that a person with no programming experience whatever can use all this marvelous functionality, and can share the result with others.



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