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Cabin Fever July 3, 2012

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This cabin is a former coast watch cabin (hilariously designed and situated to watch for WWII Japanese invasion of Tehama county—the Californoscenti among you will have realized this is more than one hundred miles from the coast.  We probably would have noticed Japanese troops long before they could get here, I’m guessing) with a 270 degree view of the adjoining canyon.  Across the way from the cabin are the caves wherein the genocide of the remaining local native Americans occurred, but since this is a happy blog (dammit) we will concentrate upon the view instead:


Wish you were here?  

Getting time in this cabin is a desperate affair, involving lying in wait for reservations (nothing compared to actually getting here, though)


so I won’t say how or even where it is, except that there is an hour drive down forest service roads of, uh, imperfect repair in one direction, and the equivalent of an uphill riverbed in the other. I have never felt threatened by an inanimate object before, but the road from here held a gun to my head during the uphill portion of said riverbed-like terrain and threatened my wife and kids.  And then there were the trees growing into the road, the mountain streams to ford and bad advice from the Forest Service (“passable by passenger car”, my shiny metal a**).  We ended up with a largish hole in our engine pan and a nice weld job

given to us by a kindly couple of dope farmers who insisted we spend the night with them and escorted us back to civilization the next morning.



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