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The Unincorporated Man, by Dani and Eytan Kollin July 2, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Books, Brilliant words.

This is one of those head-slapping books you run across every once in a while.  A billionaire dying of cancer is frozen for a very long time and is unfrozen and restored to health in a future world he does not recognize:  filled with nifty gadgets, amazing longevity and astounding health—and corporate slavery in the form of personal incorporation.  Everyone is incorporated at birth, and everyone is partially owned by the government, by their parents and by anyone  to whom they could sell stock in themselves to pay for college (or whatever).

The billionaire is appalled at the world he finds himself in, and begins a modest campaign to end personal incorporation, thus incurring the enmity of ambitious servants of the status quo…you know, just like the current world, although less personal.

I really do like novels which immediately challenge accepted thinking and this one certainly does. The Unincorporated Man has some follow-on novels (The Unincorporated War, The Unincorporated Woman, and The Unincorporated Future) which I have not read, but intend to.  I expect you will, too.



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