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Consensus Football June 8, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Brilliant words.

“The University of Pennsylvania football team has various amusing cheers ("Fight, fight, inner light!") that play on Quaker themes. I think it would be more interesting to try a homecoming game where they lock 30,000 fans, home and guest, inside Franklin Field, sit the teams down at the fifty yard line with no ball, and let Penn win when they reach consensus among all present that they have beaten Brown fair and square.”—JWB

“I don’t know… the Brown contingent would likely insist on different, equally valid outcomes for people of different dialectical perspectives, deconstructing the phallocratic experience of the hegemonic war/fare proxy called “football” each according to hir ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, violence survivor, and/or Third World life/story narrative.”

–from the List Which Cannot Be Named


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