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John Dies at the End, by David Wong May 22, 2012

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A hilarious audiobook by David Wong, John Dies at the End is a trippy little Lovecraftian horror comedy and slightly funnier than Charles Stross’ Laundry series but with less interesting underpinnings, and in a less sober and serious way.

It completely cracked me up.

Listening to a guy calmly explaining the end of his sanity as the result of losing an argument with a dog pretty much did it for me, and that was just in the second chapter (well, .mp3, but you understand, right?).  John and David are two slackers taken by the drug Soy Sauce (note who took whom), which gives them both inter-dimensional vision1 which sounds disconcerting and painful…and it is.  It also leads them to soul-sucking lunacy as monsters from other dimensions make themselves known.

Bah, I don’t care about the horror part2 but I like the twisted view of horror that David has.  P.G.Wodehouse might have approved of the descriptions of the horrors they face and their reactions thereto.  I especially liked the reader’s matter-of-fact recounting of the events.  Sorry I can’t tell you who the actor is.  Amazon’s price is actually reasonable for this Audible audiobook , being less than the CD version by many bucks.

Exciting update: A sequel is upcoming.


1What the soy sauce really does is give them access to that other dimension, puts them in touch with astral projections, demons, mind controlling insects, and a sentient organic computer named Korrok that wishes to access our world.  That, and the ability to count the change in your pocket, describe the dream you had last night–and all of it is mostly side effects.

2Hey, I’m a scientist, not a primitive or other sort of fundamentalist.



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