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Better Photo From Different Vantage Point May 21, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Photography, Science.


To think, I could only see it from the beach.

Exciting update:

It’s ‘shopped.

(1) The sun is in western Sagittarius in mid-December.
(2) The sun is about 0.5 degrees in apparent diameter from near
   earth orbit, whereas the galactic bulge is about 15 degrees.
(3) The sun is about -26th magnitude, so in a 94% annular eclipse
   like Sunday’s, it is about -23rd magnitude.  Since the Milky
   way is showing limiting magnitudes around 8 or 9 in this
   photo, the camera has a dynamic range of more than 10^13.
Nice photo, though.

—JWB, from The List Which Cannot Be Named

Turns out it’s from deviantart, though I’m not sure who.



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