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Mahalo, Baby! April 25, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Music, Toys, Uncategorizable.

My dear sister is about to have her mumble, mumble birthday and recently expressed interest in an ukulele as a new musical experiment.  I thought I would spring for it, and enjoy watching her squirm on the end of a ukulele string (sorry, Sis) like a pinned insect.

Seriously, ukuleles seem to have as much variety as the insect kingdom, and that’s just the low-end models (the expensive models and brands will be the subject of a more expeansive article as soon as I find that bag of diamonds to fund my research).

What I did find is a brand of low-cost ukuleles with a certain, uh, charm: Mahalo makes delightfully outre designs for their ukes, like these eye-catching numbers:







I admit I got so distracted I forgot to actually order one, so my dear sister will be disappointed on her birthday.  We regret the omission.


Exciting update:  This was on BoingBoing.  It’s not a mahalo uke.



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