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A2DP With My Windows CE HTC8125 Phone March 11, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Geek Stuff.

The BlueTooth stereo stack for A2DP isn’t installed and therefore stereo BT headphones won’t play stereo from your media player (use GSPlayer, it’s much friendlier than the MS product, and free) even though you can use normal microphony and such for phone calls. It just doesn’t  work with my HTC8125 (rebranded through ATT as Cingular 8125).  As you know, Microsoft stopped supporting this OS years ago, and never did make a fix for this.  Some hacker somewhere did, and if you look forever on Google, you will find it (cheat and use xda-developers.com and rapidfiles.com).  You are looking for two files named a2dpfix.cab and zoa2dp_113.cab and these instructions:

Connect your phone with ActiveSync, when its done click explore. drag and drop these two files to that folder (extra points if you know your way around the phone to do this without me telling you how). Go to your phone and click File Explorer from programs. If you don’t see those two files at the bottom then click the My Documents folder and you should see them there. Click a2dpfix.cab first and when it installs, reset your phone(tiny reset button next to your camera button). Repeat with the zoa2dp_113.cab file, and reset again. Install your headphones and you should see a new profile….stereo headset…make sure that’s clicked and setup your BT normally.

All this is necessary because my mp3 players keep getting their jacks destroyed by me carrying them around all the time…no ruggedizing for actual activities, like walking.

Not that I’m cranky about spending DAYS finding this solution.  I wouldn’t want you to think that.


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