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Coronal Mass Ejection March 5, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Geek Stuff, Science.

isn’t the name of a band, or a chapter in the Kama Sutra (although it might be a book by Henry Miller). When magnetic field lines break and reconnect, charged particles traveling along them can escape. It is a violent eruption on the sun, and we had a big one just recently. This is an X-class eruption, which can cause radio blackouts, satellite barbecues and other interesting phenomena like overheating wires. The ejecta will be here Thursday morning.  Here’s a little movie of this modest event (estimated at upwards of twenty million tons of plasma and whatever else is cooking overhead):


[you have to click on them; WordPress doesn’t show it properly]

Now, the geek in me (not the science geek, or the history geek, but the computer geek) absolutely loves the visualizations of this made by NASA’s (computer1) geeks.  Pretty isn’t it?  I should make it my screensaver, but I still want flying toasters (more on this later2).


It seems WordPress is disinclined to display animated gif files, so just save them to view. They are just gorgeous. Maybe I should make YouTube versions of them, so you can see them (a moving experience). *snicker*

1 Try to keep up, will you?  I have a schedule to keep.

2 Don’t crowd me, there are enough parentheses for everyone.



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