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Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff February 9, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Books, Brilliant words.

A nifty little story of the nature of good and evil as told by a woman in the mental ward about a secret society  dedicated to improving the world by assassinating serial killers (among others), Bad Monkeys has all the elements I like in a longish short story: compelling narration, snappy dialogue, abundant plot twists and an edge of sheer madness (mmm…delicious madness).  Bad Monkeys’ protagonist labors under the delusion that her murdered brother has been reconciled to her and encourages her to become a good person.  When she has the chance to kill a serial killer she does, and is recruited into an army of murderous do-gooders.

Neat.  Doesn’t end anything like you might have expected, either.  Joe Bob says check it out.1

1 And Joe Bob is the man, isn’t he?  Does anyone remember him?



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