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So You Want Help With Android Programming… January 29, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Brilliant words, Geek Stuff, Uncategorizable.

I alternate between loving this video for saying all the things I wish I could say, and someone saying them.  I am somewhat conflicted.

Exciting update: there are lots of excellent resources there at forum.xda-developers.com, including the reminder that “Despite the name, Android will not help you create an unstoppable army of emotionless robot warriors on a relentless quest to cleanse the earth of the scourge of humanity.”  Also, the forum moderators are disinclined to let n00Bz post questions, so if it hasn’t been asked already you are honked. I have always wondered how anyone is going to learn when NEW questions are discouraged.

I mean come on, this isn’t church.


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