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Right-click M3u From mp3, m4a and ogg Folder January 10, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Brilliant words, Geek Stuff, Toys.

If you are like me, you have a bunch of folders with podcasts, iTunes files and miscellaneous mp3 files that you would like to transfer to your phone or mp3 player for later enjoyment but—it’s a real pain to copy all the names to the m3u file.  Here’s two-part hack that lets you enjoy your music in alphabetical order, and produces a cut-and-paste-able file which will let you rearrange them to your preferred order.

First, use Notepad to create a file called makeplaylist.bat.  It contains this:

@echo off

cd %1
echo %~f1
dir /on/b *.mp3 *m4a *.ogg > Playlist.m3u


Then make one called playlistmaker.reg.  It contains this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Make playlist(s)"

@="cmd /C C:\\makeplaylist.bat \"%L\""


Move makeplaylist.bat to your root directory on C:, then run playlistmaker.reg.

Now when you right-click on a directory filled with mp3, m4a or ogg files, they will be added to a file called Playlist.m3u in that directory.  The Playlist.m3u file can be edited with Notepad to change the order of the playback.

This is not the most elegant way of doing this, but it meets my special needs on my pre-XP system, and may meet yours as well. It apparently will not work on XP, but does work as a batch file inside the directory of choice, so good luck.

The other, easier way  (aha!) that works on XP, Vista and Seven is to make a shortcut to makeplaylist.bat and put it in

C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\SendTo


C:\Documents and Settings\Sneaky Stepdaughter\SendTo

if you want to hide your growing illicit downloads from your vigilant stepfather) and then the batchfile can operate with a right-click and Send To makeplaylist.bat, although I would rename the shortcut to something more euphonious.


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