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A Better Camera January 4, 2012

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Photography, Toys.

My Casio Exilim EX-S8 12 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Blue) has been taking pictures for me for a whole year now, after Christmas of last year when we got them on special sale at Radio Shack (of all places.  It was $70 for a bundle which included a picture frame which we don’t use but Grandma does.  We got four of them).  The SX-80 is small, lightweight and has a huge capacity for storage (hours of HD video and thousands of pictures at 12 megapixel resolution in those lovely SanDisk 8GB SD cards).  As you can see from this year’s pictures, I love it to bits and recommend it for everyone’s general use.  It’s still a point-and-shoot, but it has all the latest electronic goodies (except image stabilization), a nice large format, a relatively intuitive interface (considering the complexity of the product and how little time people will devote to learning it, yeah) and a small form factor.  The UI has an easy mode and a hellish mode (hard to learn, detailed and difficult, just like film photography).

I recommend highly.



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