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Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen November 19, 2011

Posted by stuffilikenet in Books, Brilliant words.

I usually enjoy reading the works of Carl Hiaasen, and Nature Girl proved to be no exception.  However, instead of reading this gem I listened to Jane Curtin read it, which certainly put a nice spin on it for me.  You can tell the professional actors from amateurs like me easily.  Her voice characterizations made all the characters breathe a little bit more lively.

I might explain that Hiaasen’s books usually sound inside my head like an old drunk muttering to himself in a bar (which I guess says more about me than I should commit to the never-forgetting Interwebs), while Jane Curtin’s reading imbues each character with a presence that a senile alcoholic can’t quite match.  I adored her reading of the Native American Sammy Tigertail’s hallucinations about the dead white guy he dumped in the swamp.  Hysterical, and that’s just the beginning.

Nature Girl features all the usual types of colorful characters we have come to expect from Hiaasen: slightly crazy women, practical men who love them, innocents caught up in madness and a psycho with missing parts (why is this a constant?  Can someone explain that to me?).  Toss in a divorce detective, a sleazy telephone solicitor and his soon-to-be ex-wife and you have A Midsummer Night’s Dream, minus the fancy prose.

Can’t recommend it too highly.

I should point out that, amazingly enough, Audible has managed to charge TWICE the price of the CD version for their almost-free-for-them-to-deliver downloadable files, which I understand have DRM anyway.  Be smart and buy the CD.  It’s just silly any other way.


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