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Scott Westerfeld – So Yesterday October 13, 2011

Posted by stuffilikenet in Books, Brilliant words.

"Hunter, do you ever feel like there’s some problem with the glue these days? Like maybe if anyone figured out what to throw and who to throw it at,  everything would fall apart pretty quickly?"
"All the time."
"Me too." We were crossing a worn patch of Hudson Street, and Jen swung a shoe at the top of a cobblestone. It was solidly submerged in sunbaked
tar and didn’t budge. "So, that’s the anti-client’s mission, isn’t it? Ungluing things?  Maybe they’ve figured out what to throw."
"Maybe." I shaded my eyes with one hand and squinted at the next street sign, then at the numbers. Movable Hype was halfway down the block, in an old and towering iron-frame building. "But more likely they’re just throwing everything they can."

In Scott Westerfeld’s So Yesterday Jen and Hunter are an Innovator and a Trendsetter, respectively, unraveling a kidnapping and conspiracy involving bestial behavior at the Museum of Natural History by the hoi aristoi, purple whelk shampoo, Pokémon episodes and intricately-laced sneakers.  And the mysterious anti-client behind it all.

"But what good does it do?" I asked.
"Like I said, it loosens the mortar that holds the cobblestones down."
"So they can throw more rocks?"
"No, Hunter. Don’t you get it? The anti-client doesn’t just want to throw rocks. They want the whole street to come up. They want to make it so everyone starts throwing rocks."

Revolutionary stuff, kind of like the 99% on Wall Street.


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