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Technology in the Wrong Hands August 30, 2011

Posted by stuffilikenet in Brilliant words, Science.


I knew it was a bad idea for the TechShop to open up here in San Francisco. If ever a community was interested in creating life to satisfy egocentric motives, unleashing entities beyond human control and comprehension, tampering with the life-sustaining forces of the Universe, exceeding the limitations of the human body via grotesque metamorphoses, new applications for old technologies (alchemy, necromancy, etc.), ill-advised collaboration with alien and/or supernatural intelligences, life-long devotion to researching the pointless and inane, callous disregard for human experimental subjects, or exacting bizarre revenge on contemptuous and derisive peers, it would be San Francisco, or possibly Moscow.

I’m just sorry I was out of town that day. 😦


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