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GoogleVoice: Silk Purse From Sow’s Ear August 16, 2011

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The quality of the transcriptions from GoogleVoice is pretty poor, but a member of The List Which Cannot Be Named has remarked on the similarity of the transcriptions to the works of James Joyce:

Hey Mr mixed up. It’s 12:15, 12:17. PM, just afternoon on Sunday and I would. Rainbow.
I just did my shopping in filled by water.
I just figured you might be in town.
Will, waxing, philosophical.

After my visit to Sacramento ATT’s always interesting, but anyway.

Somebody burning burning paper garbage and You know those catch register receipts
better prions where he printer you know
close contain more of this holiday
and industrially on a large scale
than and then
to and it is beverage bottles.

So I gotta move that it take my bicycle up
so I don’t want that settling around you know
so i can series that solution
people just live regarding garbage records,
let me know what they’re doing okay
come and see if I may confirmed.
Semi reforms. Our only act.
Have a good day. Talk to you later.



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