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Words Failed Me, But Not Them July 28, 2011

Posted by stuffilikenet in Brilliant words, Video.
This was on BoingBoing yesterday..with the obvious question:

“Can you see the deep truths being revealed here?”

Watch the video, then read the comments.  Some of the more interesting responses:


That reality is what transcends time by being independent of conscious memory?  No, wait, that was Proust.  No, I give up.

Is one of the truths that Lady Gaga simply isn’t trying hard enough?

While it’s tempting, and comfortable, to assume that this was spontaneously generated, I find myself wondering about the process(es) involved in creating this video. As surreal as the video is, the conversations involved in generating it must have been truly astonishing. "OK, I like where this is going…but what if we add a checkered pattern to the butt streamers?"

It’s a cry for help: a desperate attempt to draw attention to the lamentable absence of audiovisual stimulus in Japanese culture.

The truth I learned is someone rufied my drink before I visited boingboing today.  It certainly juxtaposes the serenity of a haiku or koan in Japanese culture … like a MACK truck versus a puppy.

If I took enough acid to understand the deeper truths in this video, there’d be precious little left for the Phish heads on their next tour.



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