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Edwin, A Nice Voice Command Application July 17, 2011

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Star Trek Technology, Toys, Video.


My Samsung Galaxy S Captiva from ATT does not have a voice command.  I can’t just say “Call Fred” to my Android 2.2 phone and have the call started for me…because ATT removed that functionality to the walled garden that is their in-house application, for $4.99 a month.  I think they are the only ones who do that.  So far.

Screw that.

Neureau made a better app, available at the Android market place.  Edwin does excellent voice recognition using the Wolfram Alpha engine to decode your meaning (you have to have a data connection).  Documentation is sparse, so get the app for your phone, because it contains the very useful helpfile.  And watch the video, because it doesn’t just place phone calls.  It can tell you your location, map it, tell you the weather (there, or somewhere else), tell you the time and start applications.  Marvelous

Seriously, this is like having the Star Trek computer interface.  A little.  I do wish Majel Barrett made her voice available for people to hack into a TTS interface.


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