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The Ben and Jeri Show at Maker Faire May 21, 2011

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Mitch Altman, Ben Heckendorn and Jeri Ellsworth discussed how much they had been held back in schools growing up in small towns, while a talking head person spat buzzword-loaded questions at them during today’s Maker Faire here in San Mateo.  I sat in the second row next to Grant Imahara (you know, MythBusters), who was probably trying to wrangle an introduction to Jeri.

I sat next to Grant Imahara at Maker Fair, and all I got was this photo

This is me trying not to be a pesky fan.  You recognize my fingers from previous photos, I’m sure.

I could have asked JulieJulie at Maker Faire

to introduce him, since they seem to be thick as thieves.

Julie and Jeri Ellsworth at Element 14's booth



The light bulb over her head is not an illusion.

Exciting update:


Good job, Grant.


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