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Exciting News May 6, 2011

Posted by stuffilikenet in Awesome, Books, Brilliant words.

Charles Stross’ books are available as audio books!  I can’t tell if I will like them better this way, but I’m willing to experiment. I could not get them as easily just by searching for “[author’s name] audio book”, which you would think is the best way. It looks like you can search Amazon for “[author’s name] Audible” and get the results from their Audible catalog.  I suppose this means you have to search under other recording company names for other makers of audio books, like Blackstone Audio Books, Spider Robinson’s audio publisher (Spider Robinson reads his own work, and gets the inflections just right–awesome). This kind of sucks for readers customers who like a certain author, then have to find out which house publishes her/his audio books.

Just sayin’.


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