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Crabfu da Vinci February 6, 2011

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I met Crabfu at the 2006 Maker Fair when he showed off two or three of his steam-powered RC vehicles (although they have some automatic features, none are self-guided therefore not robots in my book):


The two above are just adorable and the definition of steampunk.  The real star is Crabfu himself, however.  He is an animator and artist doing mostly videogame work (as I understand), and his creations come from that same art-imitates-life paradigm as the works of da Vinci.  Take the humble Allomyrhina dichotomus:


The Crabfu version looks like something that da Vinci would have scribbled and left in a notebook to be wowed over by modern scholars:

I love the little wings.  For those same modern scholars, here’s a bit of his design notebook for a steam rowboat, something da Vinci probably would have gotten around to eventually:


He probably wouldn’t have used orange plastic oars, but otherwise, it looks very da Vinciesque to me.


A number of other early steam (and more primitive) vehicles are shown here, but visit crabfu.com for a much fuller exploration of his genius.

I saved the best and strangest for last:

Comparisons to da Vinci’s helicopter are so twentieth century.


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