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Meerkats Are Not Lemurs, Either October 5, 2010

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I understand the confusion.  A meerkat (Suricata suricatta) is a member of the mongoose family native to the Kalahari Desert. Scientists call a group of meerkats  a “mob”, “gang” or “clan”, although I’m sure that’s because most scientists have never lived in Oakland (or its European equivalent, Scotland).  And, like other sub-human groups[1], they consist of a dominant mating pair who attempt to control the sex lives of their subjects, going so far as to kill and eat the product of non-approved matings.[2]

And you thought they were cute.

Well, that’s ‘cause they are:

Wikipedia loves these little critters: “According to African popular belief (mainly in the Zambian/Zimbabwean region), the meerkat is also known as the sun angel, as it protects villages from the moon devil or the werewolf which is believed to attack stray cattle or lone tribesmen.”

That would explain this statue.  I think anything this size could protect anything it wanted, and could certainly eat the young of any un-approved matings with impunity.  image_thumb[1]

In fact, it could eat just about anything at all.

[1] This is sarcasm.  Some people can’t tell; they often fall into said sub-human category, and want to regulate your sex life.

[2] The meerkats, not the scientists. Try to keep up, OK?

Exciting update:


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