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She’s No Longer Ten And Has Better Toys Now September 19, 2010

Posted by stuffilikenet in Brilliant words.

My beloved stepdaughter has a bit of a gift for, um, entertaining.  Here is her answering machine message from four years ago, when she had watched Arnold Schwarzenegger as a kind of fairy god-parent enforcer in a kid’s cartoon show.  Her more recent works I have already posted, plus or minus other minor film works.  She’s currently enrolled in the San Francisco School of the Arts in the Media program.


The Message


I just love her introduction.


Bitter update:

  As I had posted yesterday, you would have seen a little sound player widget…but apparently WordPress.com found it and disabled it.  It was working, I swear.  Now you have to get it from here.

The Awful Truth

is that WordPress.com promises that you can embed audio and it’s a lie (damn. I miss the blink tag some days).  You cannot upload .mp3 or .wav files using either of their uploaders, you can’t use the nice plug-in app I was using and they claim it  is due to security issues…but they will allow you to upgrade for a fee and the security issues magically vanish!

Isn’t that amazing?

Of course, I could get around it by recording a movie with The Message as a soundtrack, load it to my youtube account and then embed it from there…maybe I will.  Blows Against the Empire, Rage Against the Machine, sticking my tongue out at playground bullies…wait a minute.

It’s bit more like looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Additional update:  I wrote to them and asked about this and got this nice link in response:


Which lets me do this:


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