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Exciting Innovation in 3D Printing August 22, 2010

Posted by stuffilikenet in 3D Printing, Awesome, Brilliant words, Publishing Tools, Toys.


Tony Buser (http://tonybuser.com) has come up with a lovely idea for web-based (cloud-based?) 3D CAD design.  From his site: “I call it CloudSCAD – it’s OpenSCAD for the web.  It lets you write, share, mashup[sic], and customize parametric 3D models using the OpenSCAD scripting language all within the browser and doesn’t require anything to be installed locally.”  This idea has already caused a huge surge of interest in the geeky community which is interested in 3D printing and other methods of rapid prototyping.  Tony’s post got a very excited response form the rapid prototyping croup’s luminary oracles, including Forrest Higgs, Giles Bathgate, Erik de Bruijn and Nicholas C Lewis (who admitted to thinking along the same lines).  Everyone seemed to think this was a killer app in the making.

I only hope they are all right.

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